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Creating Affordable Housing

Aloha, friends and ohana, to LiveWell Hawaii. We have been designing and building container homes, apartments, and studios for years, and our newest designs are based on 8' x 20' flat packs that create prefab housing kits. Flat packs stack four high for easy transport, and are roughly the same size as a shipping container. They are then unpacked and assembled on-site to create simple, durable structures.

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About Microhomes

The tiny house movement is gaining momentum across the U.S. and around the globe, as it appeals to people who know there's more to life than just getting by. Discover true freedom and happiness when you pursue an economical, sustainable, and more minimal way of life.

About Microhomes
Various Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Our ADUs are designed specifically for Hawaii and its environment. They are insulated to keep temperatures manageable, and are made of closed-cell polyurethane to avoid termite issues. Take a look inside our different models and their unique floor plans.

Floor Plans
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Flat Packs

LiveWell Hawaii recognizes the key to sustainability lies in preserving the 'aina and our natural resources for future generations. This is especially needed in Hawaii, where resources are limited and living costs are among the highest in the nation. Small, affordable homes are a must!

Flat Packs

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About Us

For more than 15 years, LiveWell Hawaii has offered affordable housing with tiny houses and auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs). This has gone a long way in addressing the homeless situation here in Honolulu, Hawaii. The concept is to offer rentals based on the Ohana housing laws, allowing you to add on to your home without having the "blood relative" rules affect your ability to rent to others.

We used to rent beach houses and campgrounds on our property, and soon became aware of the situation homeless people were facing. Families—some with children—are still facing unspeakable hardships, and it can take months before they get back on their feet.

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